Dominique C. Habib is a visual artist from Quebec living in the beautiful city of Gatineau. Holding a degree in Visual and Media Arts as well as in Industrial Design, she has a fascination for the world around her on a human scale and for self-observation in the face of life's situations, past, present and anticipated, which forge reactions and personality. She has a strong interest in the subjects of childhood, memory, nature and psychology, exploring them primarily through painting.

Artistic approach

Reflecting human relationships, my practice is inherently organic. My work is a journey to express the feelings, memories and moods that shape us through our experiences since childhood. My work allegorically explores various intangible concepts such as abandonment, shame, confusion, forgiveness, peacefulness and gratitude.

Alive, my gait has been transformed. If previously I blurred the traces of my involvement in the work by diluting the mediums and letting them follow textured supports, I now leave my touch visible, witness to my interventions. Abstraction is used for its power to express the indefinable, the elusive and combined with the figurative, the observer can better situate himself and appropriate the scene. Through the alliance of these styles, I try to highlight the thin line between the visible and the invisible, between order and chaos as well as the complementarity of opposing forces that build our humanity. Lately, I explore the manipulation of plaster, fabric, wood and embroidery, sculpture and screen printing are also added to my practice.

Each of my works is born from an image, often from waking dreams, and is perceived in a very precise way that it is impossible for me to forget it. These inspirations sometimes find their origin in snippets of everyday life, encounters, anxieties for the future and, of course, childhood memories. Implementation allows for this revealing detachment and the ability to take a step back from our own emotional history.

photo credit: Abigail Nolet